STaR Loan


STaR Loan

A mortgage program dedicated to saving our selfless teachers, first responders and correctional officers a little money on their home loans. Current full-time employed teachers, police, firefighters, and correctional officers are eligible for our STaR program, which makes the process of obtaining a mortgage a little bit easier.

  • Save up to $500 in reduced Lender Fees for qualified Teachers, First Responders, and Correctional Officers
  • Gift fund options available which can be used for 100 percent of the home purchase down payment
  • Take advantage of lender paid mortgage insurance options to reduce your monthly mortgage expense
  • Gain peace of mind with a one-time interest rate renegotiation option, if rates improve prior to your closing docs being drawn

Borrower Qualifications

  • Teachers: Must hold an appropriate teacher credential and be currently full-time employed in a public/private school
  • Police/Sheriff/CHP: Must be currently employed full time with City, County, or State Law Enforcement
  • Firefighters/First Responders: Must be currently employed full time with the City, County or State
  • Correctional Officers: Must be currently employed full time with City, County, or State Law Enforcement